Immigration Appeals & Hearings

What Are Appeals and Hearings?

Throughout the process of immigration, there are cases where the officer in charge may dismiss your case or needs to communicate with the Canadian Government regarding it. For example, you may lose your permanent residency status by failing to comply with residency obligations or the sponsored family member has been dismissed.


In this case, only a professional immigration consultant can represent you accurately and fight for you to be awarded what is within your rights.


Different from other immigration consulting firms, Thomas Wang & Associates is one of the top firms to practice immigration-related appeals and hearings, and we are able to provide you with the most meticulous services in the Canadian immigration industry.

Cases that Are Subject to the Appeal and Hearing Process Are the Following:


  • Bail hearings;
  • Refugee & Asylum appeals;
  • Removal order appeals;
  • Citizenship appeals;
  • Residency obligation appeals;
  • Humanitarian and compassionate grounds appeals;
  • Detention reviews; and
  • Admissibility hearings.

The Process of Appeal and Hearing 


If your case has been rejected or meets the criteria for appeal, Thomas Wang & Associates (TWA) can offer you professional advisement services due to our past experience dealing with these matters. We are knowledgable about the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), as well as the style of different officers you will encounter in this process so that we can resolve your case accurately and most efficiently. We will examine the case thoroughly and figure out the most reasonable method of approach to help clients adequately prepare all necessary evidence and documents.


From the beginning of the appeal process to the very end, TWA will work side by side with you providing support to successfully complete the appeal process. We work to explain the case clearly and thoroughly to the immigration officer, represent our clients in court and fight for our clients’ rights.

Bail Hearings

We are here to defend your rights.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Learn your rights for protection when experiencing unexpected hardship.

Temporary Resident Permit

Earn your right to enter Canada.

Residency Obligation Appeals

Find out how to maintain permanent resident status.

Citizenship Appeals

Appeal to become a citizen of Canada.

Removal Order Appeals

Earn your right to stay in Canada by appealing successfully.

Refugee Appeals

Discover your options to remain in Canada.

Detention Reviews

Be released from detention or holding.

Inadmissibility Hearings

Be eligible to remain in or re-enter Canada.


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