BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot (EIRP)

Breaking News!

A new BC PNP Pilot was released in March 2019. Obtain permanent residency by investing minimum CAD 100,000!

If the applicant has a CAD 300,000 personal net worth and is willing to invest in participating communities in British Columbia, in combination with past experience and basic language requirements, the applicant can become a permanent resident within 12 months.

Am I Eligible?


  • Personal net worth is under CAD 600,000, but the applicant is experienced in business, has enough funds and is investment-ready;
  • Confident in their business and language proficiency and is adaptable; and
  • Is willing to invest and boost the economy as well as obtain referrals from a selected community in British Columbia.




  • Minimum CAD 300,000 personal net worth (including cash, deposits, real estate, bonds and company shares);
  • 3+ years as owner-manager, or 4+ years as a senior manager, or a combination of 1+ years as owner-manager & 2+ years as a senior manager;
  • Invest at least CAD 100,000 in the province of British Columbia;
  • Have at least 51% ownership of the future investment business;
  • Has done the Exploratory visit, engaged and visited an enrolled community for support before registering;
  • Must create at least one full-time equivalent job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; and
  • Minimum of CLB 4 equivalent in English or French. Must submit a copy of language proficiency test at registration
  • Live and reside within the community of the business.

Compared to the Base Category

How the Regional Pilot Works


  • Receive a monthly invitation to a qualified and high-ranking scorer pool;
  • Be placed in a separate priority pool of invitations for the pilot; and
  • Registration/Application to be accepted by the end of March, within a two-year period.

Applicants of EIRP – Advantages


  • Reduced investment and personal net worth criteria;
  • Shorter work permit period before nomination; and
  • Low language level requirements at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4.


Goals of EIRP


  • Support regional communities to achieve economic development priorities;
  • Attract investment and create more jobs;
  • Leverage local resources and expertise so that immigrant entrepreneurs flourish and succeed;
  • Community enrolment: work with local partners to support the settlement of foreign entrepreneurs in the community; and
  • BC PNP community concierge is available to support communities with immigration needs.

Process of the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot program

Exploratory Visit


  • An exploratory visit is required;
  • Each community is responsible for managing the exploratory visit under this pilot;
  • You will need an invitation from the community before your visit;
  • If invited, visit in person;
  • Be prepared for the trip and business concepts;
  • Be well prepared to discuss business concepts with the designated community representative or contact;
  • Learn the local business environment – make local business contacts; and
  • Learn about living in the community – schools, realtors, banks.


Community Population


The BC PNP is focused on attracting investment to regional communities. In the BCPNP online registration, higher points are awarded for investments proposed in communities with smaller populations, defined as:

  • The Community population being smaller than 75,000 people;
  • Being located at least 30 km away from other communities whose populations are over 75,000 people; and
  • The communities themselves should prove that they have the ability to support overseas entrepreneurs.

Business Proposal


When the backgrounds of the applicants are similar, the business proposal is the main point to show the capability of the applicant. TWA is an expert in the economic development of British Columbia and has good communication with different communities. We have the ability to persuade and the British Columbia government as well as receiving support.


Language Proficiency


This is a new requirement for the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot, the higher mark the applicant gets, the more points they get, which is a benefit for people whose language proficiency is better.


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