Apply For BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Base Category

BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Base Category

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Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is designed for those experienced entrepreneurs who intend to establish new businesses or purchase and run existing businesses in BC.


Once approved as a provincial nominee, applicants and their dependent family members are eligible to apply for permanent residents of Canada in the BC PNP class.


First of all, an eligible applicant needs to demonstrate an intention to actively manage the business in British Columbia and reside within 100 kilometres of the business.

  • Language ability in English or French must be at least CLB 4;
  • In the past 10 years, 3+ years of experience as a business owner-manager (having more than 10% share of the company), or 4+ years of experience as a senior manager needed;
    • A combination of at least 1-year experience as a business owner-manager and at least 2-years experience as a senior manager will be considered.
  • Either hold a post-secondary credential, or experience as a business owner-manager for at least 3 years in the last 5 years with 100% ownership of the business; 
  • The business must create at least 1 full-time equivalent job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; 
  • Must obtain a minimum of 32/80 points in the business concept section under Registration Scores, the total is 200 points including self-declared section;
  • A minimum of CAD $600,000 personal net worth is required (including real estate, bonds, and company shares, etc); and
  • Set up or buy a business in British Columbia and invest more than CAD $200,000.
Scoring FactorsMaximum Points
Net Worth12
Total Personal Investment20
Regional District12
Self-declared Subtotal Score120
Business ConceptCommercial Viability 30
Transferability of Skills20
Economic Benefits 30
Business Concept Subtotal Score80
Maximum Score200

EI – Base Category Process


  1. Applicants are highly encouraged to have an exploratory visit to areas in British Columbia to learn about business opportunities, the local market, and the best community for themselves.
  2. Submit all necessary documents for the registration, the BC PNP will invite the highest-scoring registrants to submit full applications to the BC PNP.
  3. Once applicants get invited to apply, then they will have 4 months to submit their application. Interviews may be required at this stage.
  4. The BC PNP will issue a letter of confirmation, so applicants can possibly apply for a work permit and start their business in BC.
  5. Applicants will be nominated for permanent residence once they have met the terms and conditions of their performance agreement.
  6. Applicants get approved and receive permanent resident status.

Key Features of BC PNP EI- Base Category


  • No language requirements for entering the BC PNP EI- Base Category;
  • After approval by the BC government, applicants and their spouses can receive an eligible work permit and their children can study in Canada;
  • Applicants who invested more than CAD $400,000 can bring one key staff.

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