Canada Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program

Work in Canada to gain permanent residency.

As the baby boomers are retiring, Canada is facing a lack of experienced individuals. Fortunately, the temporary foreign workers who come to Canada are ideal candidates for Canadian immigration and the economy. After they have gained Canadian work experience, these individuals can settle into life in Canada.


A Popular Option for International Students


The Canadian Experience Class may offer the fastest and most straightforward path for international students to achieve their permanent residency.


Following the completion of a program or course of study at a Canadian educational institution, many international graduates can remain in the country on post-graduate work permits. If graduates obtain at least one year of work in a skilled, professional or technical field they may become eligible to enter the Express Entry pool under the Canadian Experience Class.


CEC Requirements


  • Have obtained at least one year of skilled, professional or technical work experience in Canada within 36 months of the application date;


  • Applicants can remain in Canada throughout the application process. However, the Canadian Experience Class is also open to individuals who are no longer in Canada, provided that they submit their application within three years of leaving their job in Canada; and


  • Meet a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5 (initial intermediate) or 7 (adequate intermediate proficiency), depending on the level of the job.


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