Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program - Skills

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) - Skills Category

MPNP seeks recent graduates, skilled workers, business graduates and their families with the ability to successfully settle and economically establish in Manitoba as permanent residents.

Skilled Worker Stream


The MPNP for Skilled Workers is locally driven and based on the needs of Manitoba employers.


We select internationally trained and experienced workers who have the skills needed in the local labour market, and nominate them to receive Canadian permanent resident visas to settle and work in Manitoba.


There are two streams:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

  • You have a strong connection to Manitoba through ongoing employment and sufficient skills, education and training, work experience;
  • You have official language proficiency to make an immediate and ongoing contribution to the Manitoba economy and community at large.

Skilled Workers Overseas

  • The MPNP for Skilled Workers Overseas nominates applicants who demonstrate an established connection to Manitoba:
    •  through the support of family members or friends;
    • Through previous education or work experience in the province; or
    • through an Invitation to Apply received directly from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

International Education Stream


The new International Education Stream (IES) for Manitoba graduates is dedicated to providing international students graduating in Manitoba and meeting the needs of industry faster pathways to the nomination.

Career Employment Pathway

  • For post-secondary students who graduate and find long-term employment in Manitoba in an in-demand occupation consistent with their training.


Graduate Internship Pathway

  • For international student master and doctoral graduates through internships contributing to industry innovation in Manitoba. Graduates who complete an Accelerate or Elevate internship with Mitacs in Manitoba can apply to the MPNP immediately after graduation, whether or not they have a job offer.


International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

  • This pilot will provide up to 20 (per calendar year) international students who have graduated in Manitoba the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship rather than employment.


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